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Gdansk #05I wish photographers from all countries interested in analog photography to join this unique workshop in Gdansk and the Malbork Castle in Poland. During three intensive days and nights we will work together in a workshop covering street photography, night photography, architectural photography and everything else that might inspire us – and create every single image on photographic film. [Gdansk/Malbork, April 12.–16th. 2019.]

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Berlin UrbX 2017 Large Format Photography Workshop. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.

Berlin UrbX 2017 Large Format Photography Workshop. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.

I invite large format photographers from all over the world to join this visual exploration of Berlin during three days in November 2017. We will work slowly together at several interesting areas and spots for photography and create imagery of urban landscapes and city life. [Berlin, November 21–23, 2017]

During this workshop you will get an opportunity to challenge your own creativity and technique when working with large format camera. At the end of the workdays you can handle your exposed sheets to Viertel Vor 8 laboratory for processing and contact sheet printing. Or you can develop your material yourselves. We start every morning with breakfast at the hotel and go on discussing yesterday´s photos.

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