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Zamek Malbork

I wish photographers from all countries interested in analog photography to join this unique workshop in Gdansk and the Malbork Castle in Poland. During three intensive days and nights we will work together in a workshop covering street photography, night photography, architectural photography and everything else that might inspire us – and create every single image on photographic film. [Gdansk/Malbork, April 23rd.–25th. 2019.]

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Bruce Barnbaum Norway Workshop – Láhko National Park. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.

Bruce Barnbaum Norway Workshop – Láhko National Park. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.

Bruce Barnbaum has been invited by Norwegian photographer Bjørn Joachimsen to present this workshop for photographers who want to experience a very unique and wonderful landscape. Bruce welcomes those who work with traditional film (as he does) and those who work digitally (as he does). The only requirement is that you must love photography, and you must enjoy doing it. (Láhko National Park, Norway. August 30 – September 3, 2017).

The Arctic Circle divides Norway in half at it’s narrowest point, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and Sweden to the east. Láhko National Park is located right there, with its spectacular marble and limestone formations (karst formations), surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers. It is here that we will have a five-day workshop with daily outings to this unusual and spectacular landscape in the center of a country that is beautiful wherever you look.

Bruce has taught numerous workshops in Norway, but this will be his first in the Láhko region. So he will be experiencing the landscape for the first time as most—maybe all—of the students will be. His sense of adventure and exploration, excitement and enthusiasm will rub off on you, but you won’t need his inspiration to ignite yours; the area is sure to engage you from the moment you step into it. (mer…)