People & Cityscape Workshop Oslo 2022

Publisert: 5. juni 2022 i Fotokurs
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©Rune Eraker.

©Rune Eraker.

Photography workshop by Rune Eraker, Otto von Münchow & Bjørn Joachimsen.


Do you want to learn more about how to engage people, show city life and urban landscapes through photographs? We offer this workshop to inspire you and share our insights, experience and techniques within street portraiture, documentary and cityscape photography.

Our aim is to give your confidence a boost and to inspire you when working in urban contexts. During this four day workshop we will give lectures, walk around together with you, give individual tuition – and give image critique from the material you create.

This fascinating, insightful photography event will take place in Oslo on September 1st–4th 2022.

>> Click  for more information and registration.

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