Landscape photography workshop in Rondane 2022

Publisert: 5. november 2021 i Landskapsfoto, Lightroom, Naturfoto, Photoshop
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Fotoworkshop i Rondane. ©Bjørn Joachimen.

Photography workshop in Rondane. Norway. ©Bjørn Joachimsen

Experience Rondane with your camera! For a short period each year, this area is transformed into one of Norway’s most beautiful autumn playgrounds. With impressive waterfalls and gorges to explore, Rondane was the first national park in Norway – and for good reason!  The workshop takes place amidst an explosion of seasonal colour, with the green pine trees and the autumnal birch forest creating magical visual poetry.

>> Click here to read more about landscape photography workshop in Rondane

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