Beyond the Obvious – workshop with Sandra Bartocha and Bjørn Joachimsen [Lofoten]

Publisert: 18. desember 2017 i Fotokurs
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©Sandra Bartocha

How do you feel, see and convey nature with your photographs? What is obvious – and what has to be explored and discovered? How can you make your photographs work like visual poetry rather than a mere registration of what appears in front of your camera?

Sandra Bartocha (GER) and Bjørn Joachimsen (NOR) invite to a workshop in Lofoten (Norway) March 5.–8. 2018. We will share our views, insights and skills within nature photography – and make our best to make you challenge your own creativity.

Only 12 seats available! Registration deadline is January 20, 2018.

> Read more about the workshop

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